4. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

It is a technique that has been developed to assist fertilization when sperm quality is particularly poor. The technique involves injecting a single sperm into the centre of egg. The treated eggs are checked the day after ICSI procedure to differentiate normal and abnormal fertilization. Single embryo transfer will usually take places apart from exceptional cases as a normal IVF cycle. Any suitable surplus embryos will be frozen and stored for future pregnancies if that is their wish.

Case selection

Patient with very low number of sperms.

Patient with very low sperm motility.

Patient with very high number of abnormal sperms.

Sperm has been taken directly via testicular biopsy.


On average, 80% of eggs were fertilised following ICSI.


We will be able to obtain fertilisation from only a few sperm obtained from men who are stertilized due to the following problems such as failure of sperm passage (Congenital abscence of vas deference) and blockage of sperm transport tubules.