5. Testicular Sperm Extraction(TESE)

TESE is the operative removal of testicular tissue to collect live sperm for use in an IVF-ICSI procedure. TESE involves making a small incision in the testis and examining the tubules for the presence of live sperm. It is either done as a scheduled procedure or is coordinated with the female partner's ( Wife) egg retrieval. Men with azoospermia caused by germinal failure can now be treated successfully in many cases using testicular sperm extraction (TESE) and ICSI. Sperm can often be extracted from testicular tissue of azoospermic men with germinal failure, and used successfully for ICSI.

Procedure Steps

1. Couple need to sign a consent form dealing the TESE procedure before and also need evidence of marriage from the couple.

2. Blood test needs to do before the procedure: Hormonal profile (FSH,LH,Testosterone ) results must be within normal limit. Patient need routine screening blood tests too.

3. Procedure details are as follows

Under short GA + local analgesia, a small incision is made to reach the tunica vaginalis. Small sample of testicular tissue is obtained by excisional biopsy and andrology team will be confirmed the finding of live sperm under microscope. Then small incision is sutured back in layers